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Dangers For Cats – What Do I Have To Watch Out For?

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Danger: Playing Wild Cat!

1. Tilted windows: these are very dangerous, because the cat may try to get out and jump at the open slit at the top half only to slide down and get trapped. The narrowing part can crush the cat’s lungs.

2. Open windows and balconies can be dangerous, unless they are on the ground floor, cats can jump or fall and hurt themselves. If they are at ground level, cats can escape.

3. Open drawers – cats get trapped.

4. Open wardrobe – cats get trapped if closed and can’t get out.

5. Open  doors. If there is a draft, they can bang shut, if a cat or worse a kitten happens to be in between the door and the frame this can be lethal.

6. Open washing machine – the cat might hide in it and you might start it without noticing the cat.

7. Open dishwashers – same as washing machine and also cats are very nosy and will put their noses and paws into the machine – watch out when you close it that no cat is inside and no nose or paw is in the way.

8. Waste bins with movable lids. Cats are nosy and can easily jump in or fall in and can’t get out again.

9. Toilet – put the lid down! Kittens may jump in and not be able to get out of the water again and drown. This is not dangerous for grown cats.

10. A full bathtub – cats and especially kittens can drown.

11. A hotplate, stove, cooker, oven, grill, electric heater, gas heater and wood burning stove, iron and burning candles – cats can get their paws burnt.

12. Plastic bags – cats can crawl inside and maybe they can’t get out again, then they suffocate.

13. Electric cables. Cats love chewing them or biting into them. They could get electrocuted or your equipment is damaged.

14. A long string or elastic, especially if it is thin. The cat can play with it, get it wrapped round the body or worse the neck and strangle itself. The same goes for string used for parcels and wool, even small bits can be extremely dangerous if the cat eats them, tinsel, which is poisonous and of course sewing needles and pins.

15. Cleaning agents – usually contains dangerous substances.

16. Sprays to get rid of mold or mildew – also contains dangerous chemical.

17. Powder to kill ants, bugs or vermin – also contains poisonous substances.

18. A chicken wire fence or wire mesh – cats can get their claws caught and not be able to free themselves. This can happen on the grill of a radiator as well. I have seen a cat which got one claw pulled out and had to be operated on and the torn claw removed.

19. Poisonous plants – there are many poisonous plants people keep in their homes which are dangerous for cats, also many plants that are not dangerous to us but are toxic to cats and may make them sick. Some cats love eating leaves and flowers or just nibbling on plants. For a full list of toxic plants see:

20. Food that is not good for cats:
sugar – they don’ have the enzyme to digest sugar
milk – they can’t digest milk – plain yoghurt is o.k., but not out of the fridge, it’s too cold.
don’t give them a lot of fatty food, is also not good for cats
pork – never give cats pork, especially not raw or undercooked, it can contain the larvae of the trichinella roundworm causing trichinosis. The same applies for wild game.

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